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Why Arbitration?

Our skilled litigation attorneys understand the value of choosing the right process in order to increase the likelihood of a successful outcome. Often, many insurance policies contain an arbitration clause. Whether arbitration is part of the policy or not, it may be the appropriate option for the client.

We generally try to avoid trying cases if possible because going through drawn-out litigation and a court trial are expensive endeavors. Our clients do not want to spend more money on litigation if it can be avoided. Often, a dispute can be resolved outside of court through the use of arbitration.

We Counsel Clients Through Arbitration

As most insurance companies understand, arbitration is a form of alternative dispute resolution (ADR). An arbitrator is someone who has experience either as a lawyer or other professional within the field of the dispute. Usually binding, the arbitration process allows for the matter to be heard outside of court, with the arbitrator making a decision about the resolution of the matter.

When faced with a dispute over insurance coverage, a nursing home accident or some other liability claim, arbitration can be the solution to avoid high legal fees. To determine whether arbitration is the right choice for your case, call us at 212-238-8900 or contact us online to speak with an attorney.

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